Did Conor McGregor Knockdown Paul Malignaggi In Sparring?

August 3, 2017 at 6:21 pm by Terez in Main

This comes to us via Twitter after the picture above was leaked. “Its not nice 2 paint a pic that isn’t true, this was a pushdown in sparring, post the whole video rounds 1 through 12 UNEDITED.The @ufc PI has cameras all over the gym recording 24/7. The video exists UNEDITED of rounds 1 through 12 Tuesday night, let the fans see.I came to help this camp out, not to be exploited, now your gonna get the truth though. Post FULL UNEDITED VIDEO FROM TUES night #Ethics” Damn, not cool to release if he’s there to help, let’s see the entire 12 rounds.-TO