Did Conor McGregor Get Into A Bar Fight?

November 28, 2017 at 8:01 am by Terez in Conor McGregor

This comes to us via YouTube. “Conor McGregor reacts on twitter to rumors of an alleged assault/altercation in Crumlin, Ireland – An Irish newspaper and media outlet BUZZ.ie [sources below] have recently reportedly that “A top Irish celebrity (rumored to be McGregor) joined up with a gangster to attack two crime brothers”. Other media outlets also claim McGregor was recently involved in an altercation but whether the two rumors are connected is unknown. Conor McGregor since took to twitter and liked an article related to these recent rumors – shortly afterwards Conor unliked the tweet which was already recorded by someone online.” Watch the video below, seems like dude some sort of anger problem, maybe drugs and Alcohol?-TO