Derrrick Rose Overslept Taping of ‘Good Wife’ Cameo

November 5, 2010 at 8:39 am by Terez in Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose

Sorry T...It's just the Good Wife..

Bulls All-Star Guard Derrick Rose had a big cameo on CBS’ The Good Wife…He was scheduled to fly to New York this past Tuesday..but forgot to do one thing..set an alarm clock.. “Oh, my God,” Rose said when asked about it. “I overslept. It’s nothing big. You can ask anybody I work with, was I a problem on set or did I have a problem showing up? I always show up early. “I talked to the producers today and apologized to them,” Rose said. “He said it wasn’t really anything that big. I never thought it would be like that. That whole atmosphere is totally different. I’m not that type of guy where I try to big-time anyone or anything. It’s not in my character as a person. I’m sorry I did it.” “I’m sorry I missed it. If anything, I’d love to be on that show. They put a whole another twist on the story where (a driver) was ringing my (door)bell or somebody came out and said I wasn’t going in a disrespectful way. It wasn’t nothing like that.” Ok…I have to believe him..sounds legit…Listen, making a cameo on the Good Wife is cool and all..but how annoying would it be to fly back and forth to NYC on your day off..-TO

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