Derek Jeter to have custom character on EA Sports fight game

Terez, it's my time to step into the ring

Spike TV and EA sports are teaming up to showcase the world’s best gamers vs. the worlds best athletes..SPORTS Champions of Gaming airs on Thursday, May 6 on Spike TV..The list of athletes include Derek Jeter, Falcons QB Matt Ryan, Wayne Gretzky and Soccer star Landon Donovan..”Electronic gaming, sports, and superstar athletes like Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky are going to make an exciting combination during the Gillette®-EA SPORTS™ Champions of Gaming,” said Keighley,executive producer of the show..Another interesting tidbit is Derek Jeter will have his own custom character EA SPORTS created in his likeness in the boxing game Fight Night Round 4..looking forward to Knocking out Jeets..-TO

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