Derek Jeter Buys The Marlins And The First Order Of Business Is To Remove The Lame Homerun Sculpture

August 13, 2017 at 8:26 am by Terez in Derek Jeter

A couple of days ago it was announced that the current Marlins owner Jeffery Loria had agreed to sell the team to an investment group led by Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter.  Jeter is said to be a limited partner who will be in charge of the team’s business and baseball operations while Sherman will be the controlling owner.  Rumors of what the new ownership team will do to right the Marlins ship have run rampant.  The latest is that the new owners are planning to remove the lame homerun monstrosity.  That make a lot of sense if you’re trying to run a professional baseball team, not a carnival.  Jeter knows what a class organization looks like.- TO