Dennis Rodman Travels with Carry-on Bag Stuffed with $100 bills

May 25, 2010 at 8:28 am by Terez in Dennis Rodman

Cash is king T..

Dennis Rodman is a real strange guy..take away the tattoos, eyeliner and face rings..and he’s still real weird..A passenger on Rodman’s flight from North Carolina to Fort Lauderdale spotted  him frantically counting $100 bills stuffed in his  carry-on bag. “He was nervously chewing on a red straw,” a Page Six spy said “He must have had four or five grand in there.”  Rodman’s rep told Page Six it was left over from partying after a deejay gig in Pennsylvania. “He was counting it because he thought he had been robbed, but it turns out his business manager was holding onto the rest,” his rep explained…Sounds like a drug deal gone the worm turns. -TO

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