David Feherty Calls Tiger Woods A Loser

May 4, 2009 at 9:20 am by Terez in PGA Tour, Tiger Woods

Your calling me a loser, look at your glasses Feherty

You're calling me a loser, look at your face Feherty

There’s no law mandating that TV types need always speak of Tiger Woods as a secular deity. After CBS’ David Feherty jokingly asked Woods is he felt like a “loser” in finishing fourth in Sunday’s Quail Hollow Championship, Woods gamely pointed out he was — “and not even the first loser.” CBS’ Jim Nantz drove home the historic TV moment: “Three times in a sentence, (Feherty) called Tiger a loser.” Don’t expect to see anything like that on TV again in your lifetime. — USA Today

Fererty shouldn’t be allowed to joke, we all know about your little boy fetish’s david-TO