David Beckham Would Have Been Army Guy If Not For Soccer

May 24, 2010 at 8:19 am by Terez in David Beckham

Terez, this is like a school field trip...I bloody love it..

My favorite bloody bloke was in Afghanistan the other day and paid a visit to Camp Bastion..Becks did the meet and greet thing and was asked if War would have ever been an option for the pampered star..“Without a doubt,” he replied. “I’ve represented my country many times on the field, but what these guys do representing our country is really amazing.” Said Becks..I’m having  trouble imagining Becks on the front line..I wonder if he’d bring his Axe hair gel with him in battle…good thing  for us,  he learned how to banana kick at an early age…and we’re all safer for it..-TO

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