David Beckham Inspires Pot Noodle Flavor

May 14, 2010 at 12:35 pm by Terez in David Beckham

What Terez..noodles..I love noodles..cheers!

David Beckham has had a Pot Noodle named after him…The makers of the noodle love becks so much they had to name it after him..’On hearing that David is such a fan, we got straight to work on a flavour just for him,’ says development manager Grahame Walker.  ‘He might not be able to cause a stir at the World Cup this year, but we are hoping this new Golden (Meat) Balls flavour addition will raise a few cheers – not least from the man in LA himself.’ Sounds disgusting..I’ll pass…I like my noodles straight anyways..-TO

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