Dana White Gets Hack Barred

January 27, 2012 at 7:57 am by Terez in Dana White, UFC

I can't wait to meet these fools T...

UFC.com recently got hacked by a cyber nazi group — Dana White has continued being challenged about the UFC’s support of SOPA, and now the cyber hackers are personally going after the UFC President. Here’s the scoop via Bloody Elbow “And then a tweet went out with a link sharing all of Dana White’s personal information. That means his social security number, addresses dating back to 1997 and criminal record. This is an ugly battle and the more you do to try to fight back against them, the more it entices the rest of their “community” to come at you. This was a major shot by this group and Dana can not be pleased.” These hackers are relentless, and are barking up the wrong tree. Lets see how White responds to this invasion of privacy. -TO

UFC.com Gets Hacked by Cyber Nazis

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