Dak’s New Girl Wants A Baby & We Have The Text Messages To Prove It

April 5, 2018 at 5:53 am by Terez in Dak Prescott

We showed you the FIRST picture of Cowboys quarter Dak Prescott and his new girlfriend Rosette Abud…now we are getting all the tea, this comes to us via our Tip Box. “We have a mutual friend and Rosette was staying at Daks house up in Frisco with all of his best friends near the practice facility, went to orangetheory fitness, and out all over town with em. The picture on the top is at TownHearth and he posted her on private media. She sent this to her friend. To prove it she posted date night. Her best friend left her phone open when she was asleep. He went back in the messages pretty far. The couple hooked up during a golf tourney a year ago in March, he wanted to wear her hat. She has a shitload of pix of him candid and she said he even has videos he took having sex with him. I still have she was sendin them to her friend. Even dick pix. This kid is a player. I know other girls in AZ who went to ASU who he’s banged. Rosette won’t figure who’s this because she’s with someone new each night but knows who she was texting. Guy who sent me this met her on tinder, she’s catholic never at church. Drinks, parties a ton, always in yoga but slept with half the state. She had to move recently to clear her name of dirt. There’s more text n pix. He has a lot of videos with a ship and light blu vases in the back. He has a lot of tattoos, and his face in one, it’s him. He is in a relationship with her it is official with screenshot of messages. She wants to get pregnant and Dak wants her to move in. There is a video of him smoking weed and playing dominos too. He thinks she is a good girl LOL.” Lots going on there, checkout the pictures and text messages below…the proof is in the pudding.-TO