Dak Prescott Getting Fed on Carbs Before TNF with Big Italian Meal

November 30, 2017 at 9:15 am by Terez in Dak Prescott

Dak is the man, and Dak has a plan. Since Zeke has been out of the lineup, Dak has been exposed, his arm accuracy isn’t all that special, and he’s out to prove the haters wrong. Check out Dak getting his Italian dinner on last night. He should have plenty of energy to beat the Skins tonight, but without Ezekiel, I doubt he’ll be able to accomplish that. Zeke needs to up his wardrobe game, Cmon Dak, respect the dress code. Check out more below.-TO

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It’s been a beautiful week and Thursday night’s special is unique! Spaghetti coi ricci – (sea urchin spaghetti)! Chef Christian Manganaro is featuring this Italian delicacy which is also popular with the Japanese, French and Greeks. Sea urchins have a unique taste –They are called ricci in Italy (means curly, the spines of sea urchins are curly at the ends). : : We are also featuring veal braciole with risotto (piece of very thin meat filled with a cheese filling and either tied into a roll or secured with toothpicks. They’re pan fried and then placed in a sauce to simmer until done.) : #wine #frisco #eatupwinedown #legacycommons #stonebriarcommons #authenticitalian #giardinoitalian #eatinfrisco #buonappetito #mangiare #trattoria #chefchristianmanganaro #giannipiras #foodie #eaterdallas #eater #tastingtable #myfab5

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