Da Real Lambo Continues Firing Shots at LeBron; Confirms LeBron Smashed Kyrie’s Girl?

August 2, 2017 at 8:04 am by Terez in Kyrie Irving, Lebron James

Da Real Lambo is threatening to spill all the Gatorade and is claiming that he sides with Kyrie Irving in the latest rift between the Cleveland Cavaliers superstars. He adds that LeBron is selling an image that isn’t true. He continued today on the IG, going at Bron Bron some more, and even mixing in the Kardashians.  He posted, “#godspeed @realtristan13 I WILL WATCH THAT (LIL BOY ) that y’all let run y’all team!! Around your girl @khloekardashian if I was u!!. #TheTruthWillBeToldSoon”Da Real Lambo needs to spill the beans already. Maybe he knows about LeBron smashing Kyrie’s girl?-TO