Crazy Klay Thompson Story About An ‘Instagram Model’ That Wanted To Have Sex With Him?

June 25, 2018 at 7:22 am by Terez in Klay Thompson

Who knows the truth of this story as it comes to us via @Klayupdated’s IG stories. This is the cliff notes of the story. “posted this story of this girl being a big Klay Thompson fan and wanting to have sex with him. She goes on to say she met Klay and Mychel at the Hyde Sunset and Mychel tired talking to her and she didn’t won’t him like she wants Klay. She said Mychel tried to grope her, but Klay came to her rescue. She said they invited her and her friends back to a 5 star hotel and Mychel took one girl in the room and Klay later the other one, but she says she didn’t have sex with Klay but made out with him. She went on to say Mychel kicked them out because they had to get some sleep because they had to leave for Cabo in the morning.” We aren’t sure how true this is, but we also think we found the “alleged girl” who goes by @ash_ballin on Instagram.  But we did show you all the Cabo footage, and some of this makes sense…where theres smoke comes fire? Checkout the story that was posted and the “alleged girl” below.-TO