Craig Hodges Talks Michael Jordan’s Politics

April 24, 2017 at 7:48 am by Terez in Michael Jordan

He was one of the NBA’s finest sharpshooters and a two-time champion alongside Michael Jordan, but was run out of the league for his outspoken views. A quarter of a century on, Craig Hodges is still fighting the good fight. Craig Hodges tried to get Michael Jordan to take a stand after Rodney King was killed, and apparently MJ played dumb via the Guardian. “Michael didn’t speak out largely because he didn’t know what to say – not because he was a bad person.” We all know Michael always knows what to say, so I’m not buying that. I believe one of the things Michael Jordan DID say was that, “Republicans buy shoes too.” Yep, MJ was all about shoe sales, not taking political stands.-TO