Dallas Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips To Resign Today

November 8, 2010 at 9:08 am by Terez in Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips

He made me do it T..

It appears the Dallas Cowboys will have a new Head Coach shortly..The Cowboys coming off one of the most embarrassing losses in team history needed a change..A change owner Jerry Jones said he wouldn’t make until the end of the season..That is until he forced Wade Phillips to resign..The Cowboys arrived in Dallas around 2:15am this morning..Wade flew alone with Jerry Jones in his private jet where they discussed his future with the organization….Then this morning Wade missed the Coaches meeting with Jerry Jones..Since then, speculation of Wade Phillips demise has crashed the Cowboys website..Now there is a press conference scheduled for 4pm Eastern time where my sources tell me, Wade Phillips will resign as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys..My Cowboys insider tells me Jones forced Wade to pull the plug..and offered to keep him around as consultant moving forward..Jones didn’t want to look like the bad guy..so now Wade looks like the quitter..It’s time to implode this team and start from scratch..and let’s start with getting some new ownership..or at the very least..a new GM..-TO

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