Cowboys Fan Creates Petition For Fans To Stop Buying Merchandise Until Jason Garrett Is Fired

October 10, 2018 at 12:44 pm by Terez in Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett, NFL

Cowboys fans evidently think that petition-creating is the path to more W’s. Adding to the recent petition to bring Romo back, Cowboys fan Michael O’Donnell took to to start a petition and urged the fan base to not buy any merchandise until Garrett is gone. It reads as: “Jason Garrett has been coaching this team to utter mediocrity since 2010. It’s time for Jerry’s ‘Yes Man’ to hit the bricks. How do we get Jerry’s attention? His wallet, of course. Let’s all agree to avoid purchasing any and all Dallas Cowboys merchandise until Jason Garret, and his punt on 4th and 1 tendencies, are far away from Dallas.” – TO