College Football Analyst: Alabama Would Beat The Bills

September 20, 2018 at 10:17 am by Terez in Alabama Crimson Tide, Buffalo Bills

Two college football analysts, Chris Childers and Aaron Murray, recently discussed the topic on SiriusXM Radio. Childers began to describe a convo he had with current analyst Rick Neuheisel where he said Rick believes a dominant college team could defeat the worst NFL team. “Rick Neuheisel has (told me) that’s crap, that’s not true. He’s like, ‘I’m telling you right now, you put Alabama against the bottom tier of that league, it would be very competitive.’ That is fact. Don’t give me that NFL superiority bull crap. That is a team with NFL guys all over it.” “They are a NFL franchise,” Childers added. “That’s the way they’re run. That’s the way they play. They are the 33rd NFL franchise is this country.” Childers and Murray then began to discuss Bama’s odds against the Buffalo Bills. “I would say, Alabama vs. the Buffalo Bills tomorrow — that’s a single-digit score difference right there,” Aaron Murray said. “I’d take Bama,” Childers said. “I would too,” Murray said. “You can’t tell me the quarterbacks for the Bills could dominate Alabama’s defense.” – TO