Colin Kaepernick To Be A Daddy ?

March 15, 2014 at 11:47 am by Terez in Main

My headphones are on T, I can't hear you…

I feel sorry for her lady parts cause my nose T…

While we know Colin Kaepernick enjoys his offseason, we just received this tip about him being a father? “My friend works for the county clerk office here in Atlanta and told me that on Friday a young lady came in to file paternity papers on Colin Kaepernick, who got her pregnant while in Atlanta off season 2013.  She says that it is true he is seeing Teyana Taylor and heard they have an open relationship, so he continues to see other women.  The girl stated that she has tried to reach out to Colin on several occasions and he ignores her. A hint, she works for a local strip club.” They say something about smoke and fire? Lets just see how this plays out. Maybe this is why Kaep is asking for 20 million a year.-TO 

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