Chuck Liddell Hangs With Son Before Custody Hearing

April 7, 2011 at 11:00 am by Terez in Chuck Liddell, UFC

It's all good T...Everything happens for a reason..

Here’s Chuck in Colorado with his son Cade before their custody hearing on Tuesday…Here’s the background…On March 23rd, Liddell picked Cade up at his ex-wife’s home in Parker, Colorado and promised to return their son four days later. When March 27th hit,  Geyer (Chuck’s Ex) received a call from Liddell’s attorney stating Cade would remain in California with “The Iceman” until Tuesday’s court hearing in Colorado. Geyer and her current husband immediately called the police saying Cade had been “kidnapped.” The Colorado Police Department determined no criminal activity had occurred. Liddell claims Cade is requesting to stay with him because he was being abused under his mother’s care. The former light heavyweight champ said he was headed to Colorado to “protect” his son…Liddell is currently seeking full custody of his son. A hearing is set for Tuesday in Colorado…I hope the Iceman prevails. Thanks to X17 Online for the photo.  -TO

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