Chris Bosh’s Ex-Girlfriend Puts Him on Blast

October 27, 2010 at 3:27 pm by Terez in Chris Bosh

Of course that's me T...look at the arm angle..

I received an email this morning from a girl who claims to have received shirtless pictures and more from Chris Bosh when he played with the Toronto Raptors..The woman claims to be Chris Bosh’s ex girlfriend who still lives In Toronto.. The message I got with it said, “If he wants to talk trash about our city, then I’ll air out his dirty secrets. There’s a lot more photos just like this that I can release” said the source.. Listen, I’m not saying this is him, but it sure does resemble him..and the dude holding the towel is definitely a left handed individual..It seems the texting of photos is becoming commonplace amongst athletes these days..It’s only a matter of time before you piss off an ex-girlfriend who throws the pics right back at you..-TO

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