Chicago White Sox Won’t Allow Ozzie Guillen To Have His Own Website

March 12, 2010 at 9:19 am by Terez in Chicago White Sox, Ozzie Guillen

Are you serious Terez..f*ck these guys..fargain iceholes..

General manager Ken Williams is fond of telling the media to “stay out of White Sox business,” and now the organization is making sure that to a certain extent that includes Ozzie Guillen — at least regarding his plan to launch his own Web site this spring. Guillen confirmed Thursday that while he’s allowed to continue his Twitter and Facebook accounts — although only after a talk with Williams on the subject — members of the Sox front office have shot down the idea of Guillen having his own Web site. ”It’s a lot of reasons they have,” Guillen said. ”I wanted to do it. I thought it was a great idea, but in the meanwhile, I have to go by their rules. The White Sox’ rules are they want me to stay away from a lot of things, and I respect that.” Considering the Sox have approved a behind-the-scenes reality show that will begin airing in July on MLB Network, and considering they’re still allowing Guillen to tweet — as long as it’s not Sox business — it might seem strange that they drew the line on a Web site. — Chicago Sun-Times

Ozzie being Ozzie on his own website would be hilarious..but the powers that be know this and don’t want the Blizzard of Oz stirring the pot anymore than he already does.. -TO

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