Chicago Cubs #1 Fan The Pink Hat Guy Ditching the Pink for Yellow

August 4, 2017 at 7:26 am by Terez in Chicago Cubs

Last week, Gulden’s Mustard helped Chicagoans defend the Chicago hot dog from the red stuff. This week, in celebration of National Mustard Day (Saturday, August 5) they’re upping the ante by becoming the Official Mustard of the Chicago Cubs (more information below). To celebrate, Gulden’s is partnering with the infamous Pink Hat Guy, Jim Anixter. He’s been sitting behind home plate since 1967, always visible during live telecasts, and for the first time in history he’ll be putting his pink hat aside in favor of a mustard yellow cap to help Gulden’s celebrate its official status on National Mustard Day (Sat, August 5th). Jim shared his feelings about his beloved Cubs and his love of the Chicago hot dog topped with his favorite condiment  below. This week, the Cubs will be serving Gulden’s mustard throughout the Friendly Confines in both yellow and spicy brown flavors. There’s only one #1 Chicago Cubs fan, and it’s this guy. Also a great man. The Pink Hat Guy is Truly a living Legend, and I’m hearing his Sons are pretty great guys as well.Check out more below..-TO