Checkout Patriots Receiver Julian Edelman’s Rumored Girlfriend

December 6, 2018 at 8:55 am by Terez in Julian Edelman

This comes via our tip box. “Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has a girlfriend. Her name is Blakely. I know he’s hooking up with her because I work in Boston at Stregas on the Waterfront, and they have been there together – just the two of them. She lives on the same street at JE (Comm. Ave) and my boss the owner of Strega’s (Nikki Strega) knows her – she dated a pro-hockey player for years. nI was told they are together…She’s older than JE, and is good friends with Tom Brady’s old PA, and friends with Willie McGinest and some other older retired Patriot players, and friends with Maria Menonous from what I was told. Rumor has it she was engaged, but broke up with some hockey player. I think they are banging, because he’s been in to Stregas with her twice, but I guess they could be friends…She doesn’t have an Instagram, just a facebook.” Checkout more of his rumored girlfriend below.-TO