Charles Barkley Thinks Golf Helps Tony Romo

May 24, 2010 at 11:29 am by Terez in Charles Barkley, Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo

Terez, tell Chuck to call me if he wants a lesson or two..

The Dallas CowboysTony Romo is an off-season golfer..He recently applied to compete in U.S. Open qualifiers this year..Charles Barkley is a talking head..and people love to hear him weigh in on every topic under the sun..In an interview with ESPN, Chuck was asked what he thought of Tony Romo playing competitive golf in the off-season..Sir Charles had this to say..”No and actually, I think it will help him. The level of concentration it takes to get through all the qualifiers, I think it probably does make him a better football player. And from a common sense standpoint, clearly he’s under a tremendous amount of pressure, so I think it would help him in football, more than anything. The level of concentration, the stuff he has to go through on a golf course and attention to detail, I think it really does help in football and he’ll probably tell you that.” I wonder if Chuck’s golf game helped his hoops game out..highly unlikely with that swing..To hear the Barkley Interview click here. -TO

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