CBS Turns Down Tiger

March 22, 2010 at 7:55 am by Terez in Tiger Woods

Hah...CBS will get more than 5 minutes during Masters week Terez..

CBS turned down an interview with Tiger Woods after being told the network would be limited to five minutes of questions. The troubled golf star answered questions from reporters at ESPN and The Golf Channel for the first time since the beginning of the sex scandal that has sidelined him. Both aired on Sunday, and both networks said the only restriction placed on them was a five-minute time limit. CBS said no. “Depending on the specifics, we are interested in an extended interview without any restrictions on CBS,” said CBS Sports spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade. The network is airing much of the Masters golf tournament next month, where Woods is making his return to the game. –Associated Press

CBS doesn’t want to see Tiger until the Masters..He’s better served keeping his mouth shut and letting his clubs do the talking. -TO

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