Cavs Fans Jump Warriors Fan After Game 4

June 10, 2018 at 8:00 am by Terez in Terez T.V.

I mean this felt like the Warriors beating the Cavs 4 straight in the NBA Finals…watch the video below, pretty disturbing, I hope these cleveland fans get whats coming to them.-TO

fa·nat·ic fəˈnadik/Submit noun 1. a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause. (Should say sports too) This shit is beyond sad, pathetic & embarrassing ????????‍♂️ Being emotionally invested in sports serves no purpose. It’s fun to have debates & share opinions about players, teams, games & sports but having a passion so deep for these billion dollar organizations & multi million dollar players that u hang out outside a game just to do some shit like this is wack. U gain nothing from the team in your city winning championships besides bragging rights & a false sense of pride. I didn’t even attend the parade in 2016 for the Cavs for that reason. It was cool they won but i gained nothing from them winning. Not even a sense of pride. The pics i saw kinda upset me a little tho because i couldn’t help but think “damn millions of ppl in the streets gathered together because a team won a game but when it’s some real shit that effects the lives of ppl in this city u won’t see 30 ppl.” Shit crazy. Imma continue to watch with my eyes & my mind. Stop letting these teams make u mad or even happy. Dude called me a “bitch” yesterday in my comments because he disagreed with my opinion ????????????????????‍♂️ Relax The shit is just entertainment.

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