Carmelo trying to make Peace in Baltimore

April 28, 2015 at 7:27 am by Terez in Carmelo Anthony

Trying to help T...

Trying to help T…

Carmelo Anthony is a New York Guy, but if you know his story, he has major roots in Baltimore. He was 8 years old when his family moved to Baltimore. He has strong roots in the city, and once said, “Born in Brooklyn. Manufactured in Baltimore.” Now he’s reaching out via social media to stop the madness. Respect for speaking up.-TO


We all want Justice. And our city will get the answers we are looking for. My deepest sympathy goes out to the GRAY Family. To see my city in a State of Emergency is just shocking. We need to protect our city, not destroy it. What happens when we get the answers that we want, and the media attention is not there anymore? We go back to being the same ol Baltimore City again. If not yourself, then Think about the youth. How this will impact them. Let’s build our city up not tear it down. Although, we want justice, let’s look at the real issues at hand. For example, When was the last school built in Baltimore? That’s just one example. I know my community is fed up. I’m all about fighting for what we believe in. The anger, the resentment, the neglect that our community feels right now, will not change over night. Continue, fighting for what you believe in. But remember, it takes no time to destroy something. But, it can take forever to build it back up. Peace7. #Thisonehitshome #BeMore #LetsNotFallForTheTrap “Please Understand What State Of Emergency Mean”(Destroy and Conquer) #StayMe7o

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