Canucks Player Rips Blackhawks’ Kane’s Mullet

The Mullet is not a joke T...

Some players grow beards, others wear black shoes, and in hockey circles, some even grow mullets and mustaches..Playoff superstitions can often be funny, but not to Canucks winger Tanner Glass..On Monday, Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane re-debuted his mullet-style haircut he sported during last years Stanley Cup run…Glass was none too pleased..”It’s embarrassing,” Glass said. “He kind of mocks the mullet. I’m not too pleased with that to be honest.” “I don’t think there are rules, but when you do it for a few months and then you cut it off, that’s kind of mocking it,” Glass said. “I’d respect him more if he had it year-round.” Kane shot back but kept his cool..”I’m actually kind of using mine as a joke, so if he’s insulted, you can tell him it’s a joke,” Kane said…The fact that it’s a joke is the very reason Glass is pissed..”Oh, I don’t know,” Kane said. “It’s something I did at first just to get a little bit of a rise out of the boys on my team. It seemed like it kind of worked last year, so I had to bring it back. Not making fun of him. Just trying to get a laugh out of the boys.” The NHL Playoffs have officially arrived..-TO

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