Caitlyn Jenner Faces Her ‘Cut-Off’ Date — The Final Snip

April 3, 2017 at 8:29 am by Terez in Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is ready for the final chop! The Olympic champ formerly known as Bruce has decided to cut ties to her manhood forever with gender reassignment surgery, The National ENQUIRER has learned. “This is the final stage in Cait’s transition from male to what she’s called her ‘true self’ — a full-fledged woman,” dished an insider. “She always felt trapped inside a man’s body. Now she’ll be free to express herself as a whole woman!” Dr. Stuart Fischer, a top New York City physician who has not treated Caitlyn, described gender reassignment surgery as “extremely complex” and “challenging,” especially in male-to-female cases. “It’s still a relative rarity, possibly due to the extremely complex surgery and prolonged course of hormones, not to mention the cost,” Dr. Fischer told The ENQUIRER. “Turning the patient’s penis inside out to create an artificial vagina is a challenging task. Recuperating from the extensive surgery is difficult enough, but dealing with the hormonal treatments has its own risks.” Good luck Caitlyn, go for the Gold.-TO