C.J. McCollum Destroyed Chandler Parsons on Twitter

January 28, 2017 at 7:07 am by Terez in NBA

After Friday night’s Grizzlies loss to the Trail Blazers in Portland, Chandler Parsons responded to a tweet from the Trail Blazers Twitter account.  They had posted a GIF of Parsons airballing a free throw with the words “To be fair, the NBA 3-point line is really, really far away from the basket.”  Parsons response was, “good luck in the lottery show this year.”  Which might have been a solid response if the Trail Blazers weren’t just two spots behind the Grizzlies in the West.  The fight ended with a knockout blow by C.J. McCollum who told Parsons that Portland did hit the lottery by not signing him.  Parsons needs to stick to Instagram.- TO