BYU Forces Jimmer to Stay out of Class

April 12, 2011 at 11:50 am by Terez in BYU, Jimmer Fredette

I never went to class anyways Terez...

Despite stinking it up in his last college hoops game at BYU, the demand for Jimmer on campus was still extremely high, so high in fact that the  university has asked Jimmer to stop attending his classes and go home.. “It was getting too disruptive,” said Al Fredette, Jimmer’s father, who explained that Jimmer’s fame in Provo, Utah, has led to constant requests for autographs and photographs. “He can’t go anywhere in Provo without being recognized.” Jimmer will finish his required work online…Unfortunately for him, he still has to follow BYU’s  honor code…or do what Jim McMahon did “You had to find girls who kept their mouths shut.” said McMahon…Now that’s higher learning right there. -TO

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