Buccaneers O Lineman Rescues 3 Teen Kayakers

April 28, 2011 at 9:20 am by Terez in Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Ted Larsen

It's my job to protect people T...

Sometimes athletes can be superheros too…Case in point,  Tampa Bay Buccaneers lineman Ted Larsen was fishing with his girlfriend yesterday afternoon when he heard a Coast Guard boater in distress signal. He checked their GPS location and realized it was close to his boat and sprung into action…He approached Honeymoon Island and saw the teens…two in the water holding their kayak and another still in a kayak. Larsen assisted the teens, and their kayaks, into his boat. He says the teens learned a valuable lesson. “You’ve always got to be aware of the weather,” he said. Now that’s some serious protection. -TO

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