Brothel Slams Donald Sterling’s Pimp

May 16, 2014 at 7:10 am by Terez in Donald Sterling, Los Angeles Clippers

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Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel and sex resort located 60 miles west of Las Vegas, has released a statement on their company blog condemning Donald Sterling’s pimp, Maseratimet, for breaking the trust that is vital to the relationship between sexual service providers and their clients. The brothel believes that Maseratimet’s actions are another example of why legal prostitution is the only trustworthy manifestation of sex work. “When should the trust between a sexual service provider and a client be broken? We at Sheri’s Ranch believe that the answer is ‘Never’” The spokesman says. “The Maseratimet incident is yet another example of why legal Nevada brothels are the only form of prostitution that can be fully trusted for their discretionary practices. Illegal escort services and opportunistic pimps, even those that cater to high-end clients, have been known to betray the trust of their clients for personal gain.” The brothels goes on to say that their establishment has never violated the trust of a client, “regardless of that client’s current standing in society.” Very convincing points.-TO

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