Brooks Koepka Snubbed By Media At East Lake

September 19, 2018 at 11:54 am by Terez in Brooks Koepka, PGA

Conspicuously absent from the pre-tournament interview schedule Tuesday and Wednesday in advance of this week’s Tour Championship was the man most believe will be the PGA Tour’s Player of the Year. When asked about his take on the matter by GolfDigest, here’s what Brooks had to say: “You’ve got guys who will kiss up, and I’m not gonna kiss up, I don’t need to kiss anyone’s butt. I’m here to play golf. I’m not here to do anything else. A lot of guys are known for the stuff they do off the golf course and who they like to hang around. It’s pretty obvious who’s doing that and who isn’t. I don’t need to bend over backwards to be friends with anyone, but certain guys do that because they want their names written. I’d rather be written about because of my play. Sometimes it does suck, but I’ve started to care less. Come Sunday, I won’t forget it when everyone wants to talk to me because I just won. I don’t forget things.” For some perspective, when Jordan Spieth won his first of three career majors at the 2015 Masters, he did 75 scheduled interviews the rest of that year, according to ASAP (the transcription service the tour uses most weeks). Koepka has done 37 since his 2017 U.S. Open win…a similar time frame.