Broncos coach Says Tim Tebow Will Play Sooner Than Expected

May 7, 2010 at 10:31 am by Terez in Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels, Tim Tebow

Terez, God will put Tim on the field..not me..

Everyone and their mother thinks Tim Tebow won’t see the field for at least two years..everyone except Bronocs Head Coach Josh McDaniels..He says: “To me, (Tebow’s acumen) gives him an advantage, an opportunity to play earlier than other people have played. Everybody keeps talking about it will be two, three years before he can play, and I think they don’t know this guy. His mental capacity, and the way that he works, and the fact that he’s on such a fast pace, will give him the chance to compete apples-to-apples.” We know McDaniels and Tebow are hard for each other..The minute they met it was love at first sight..Let’s see how soon the love gets the Mile High Messiah on the field. -TO

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