Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels Aplogizes For Cheating

November 27, 2010 at 11:55 am by Terez in Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels

This is my sorry face T...

Josh McDaniels has a serious obsession with Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick..He tries to coach, dress and act like the Hoody King any chance he can..and his latest infraction proves he comes right off the Belichick coaching tree..The Broncos franchise and head coach Josh McDaniels have each been fined $50,000 for a videotaping infraction..“I apologize for not promptly reporting the improper conduct of our video director before our game against the 49ers in London,” McDaniels said. “The actions of this individual are in no way representative of the values and integrity held by myself, our players and coaches, and the entire Denver Broncos organization.” Stuff your sorries in a sack McDaniels..This guy just looks like a cheater. -TO

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