Brock Lesnar to Wrestle Again: Signs New Deal with WWE Video Game

October 11, 2011 at 9:33 am by Terez in Brock Lesnar, WWE

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Brock Lesnar was once a WWE superstar….Then he became the big deal in MMA…Now he’s going back to WWE, sort of…According to TMZ, “Lesnar will be a “featured star” in a brand new video game.  WWE: 12″ approached Brock back in January and asked for permission to use his name and likeness in the game and the advertising campaign. “I love WWE and I have nothing but love for Vince McMahon — I’m totally OK with Brock being in the game.” said Dana White….”This is good news for all…Brock sticks with real fighting, and the WWE video game geeks get their guy back, albeit virtually. -TO

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