British comic slams NBA after attending Lakers game

March 10, 2010 at 12:46 pm by Terez in Los Angeles Lakers

I just don't get this Terez..what is this bloody sport?

RUSSELL BRAND has slam-dunked one of America’s best-loved sports, claiming basketball is not a patch on his beloved footie. The British comic – a diehard West Ham fan – is clearly struggling to find a sport capable of filling his football void as he plies his trade in the States. Prior to taking his courtside seat at last night’s LA Lakers encounter with Toronto Raptors, Russ was in jovial spirits – and even offered star player KOBE BRYANT some pre-match advice. He Tweeted: “Lakers tonight. I’ll be courtside. “Kobe must focus on three balls because I refuse to wear underpants.” However, KATY PERRY’s fiancé appeared bored throughout the game, and confirmed as much via cyberspace afterwards. Venting his frustration on Twitter, Russ wrote: “I’ve just heard the Lakers are all millionaires! How! I put my balls in a basket ONCE and I was thrown out of the maternity ward. “What is a Laker anyway? A sub aquatic Quaker? It doesn’t make sense. “And they pick the ball up in their hands. God, I miss West Ham.” — The Sun (U.K.)

The bloody bloke should keep his opinions to himself..Funny guy, but I don’t come across the pond and tell him how lame soccer is. -TO

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