Brian Wilson vs Casey Blake

May 12, 2009 at 8:23 am by Terez in Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants

Yep i did it, now what!

Yep i did it, now what!

Between the Aubrey Huff-Joba Chamberlain dustup, Ryan Braun’s cocky homer trot after a near beaning by the Cubs and Bobby Jenks throwing behind Ian Kinsler, it was a busy weekend for baseball teams being steamed by the actions of their opponents.

But none of the above run-ins brought out more emotion or have as much potential for future retribution than what happened between Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake and Giants reliever Brian Wilson on Sunday afternoon.

The Cliff Notes version: After hitting a homer off Wilson in the 12th inning of the Giants’ 7-5 13-inning victory, Blake was seen on television making the same well known gesture that Wilson makes after every save in tribute to both his Christian faith and his late father.

By the time Wilson returned to the clubhouse after securing the win in the 13th, some friends had sent images of Blake to his cell phone, sending him into an agitated state that his teammates instantly had to calm him down from.

While Wilson wouldn’t address the situation with reporters a few minutes later, fellow Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt(notes) was more than happy to offer the following: “Blake knew what he did.”

(Blake, meanwhile, had left Dodger Stadium before reporters could get a comment.)

We’ll see if Blake issues any clarifying statements today; the Dodgers don’t play until Tuesday and I’m saying it’s 50/50 we get an explanation. Until we do, consider these two previous stories (for whatever they’re worth):

I’m sure this will work itself out, There’s only 487 games left-TO