Brewers Star Prince Fielder is Tired of Being the Bad Guy

March 5, 2010 at 11:04 am by Terez in Milwaukee Brewers, Prince Fielder

Terez, you know I'm a good guy..

Brewers star Prince Fielder is trying to change his image: “I’m just tired of being the bad guy all the time,” Fielder said Thursday. “I’m just trying to work on growing up, I guess.” The spring, it turns out, can also be very good for image control. Although it’s mostly unwarranted, Fielder realizes he has developed this rep as an angry guy. It didn’t help last season when pictures of an enraged ballplayer trying to storm his way into the Los Angeles Dodgers’ clubhouse made a highlight reel typically reserved for the way a very large man with a sophisticated batting eye treats a baseball. “Every time someone does something to me, I’m always the one videotaped,” Fielder said. “I’m trying to be a good guy. When kids see me getting crazy, I’m trying to maintain. Unfortunately, people like to test it sometimes, but I’m working on it.” — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

There are good guys and bad guys, and Prince is definitely not one of the good ones.  -TO

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