Brett Favre Not Taking Fan Pics Anymore?

March 27, 2014 at 8:37 am by Terez in Brett Favre

No more freebies T...

No more freebies T…

Nowadays, the retired and bearded Brett Favre is looking more like a caveman. We were the first to uncover the 44-year-old gunslinger, who seems to have dropped the razor and picked up some dumbbells, so now he’s looking grizzly and jacked. Our source tells us Brett was a little annoyed about all the coverage over his new look. He’s not going to be so open to posing with fans any longer, especially with social media nowadays, where the pics will immediately end up on Twitter or Instagram. He’s not saying he won’t ever, he’s just going to be a lot more selective. Just my opinion, but I think Brett loves any attention, good or bad.-TO

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