Brett Favre Makes a Bet on Return to Football

May 21, 2010 at 11:45 am by Terez in Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings

Terez, I bet you I'm coming back..

Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre made an impromptu visit to the Southern Miss baseball team..and like everywhere else he goes, the big question was asked.. “Are you playing next season?’’ a player asked. Favre  replied. “I was a kid again watching y’all play in the College World Series,’’ Favre said. ’’That was amazing. I don’t know — yet.’’ Favre then looked down the dressing room toward the player and answered his question. “Let’s make a (fun) bet,’’ Favre said. ’’If you guys go back to the College World Series this year — I will come back and play. How about that? “You go back and I go back.’’ After answering several more questions, Favre ended things with a vote of confidence. “Guys, remember the bet,’’ he said. “Y’all go back and I go back. I promise, I will be keeping up with you. Good luck.’’ I hope Minnesota fans are rooting  for the Southern Miss, because Bears and Packers fan definitely won’t be..-TO