Breaking News: Update in Gloria James/Delonte West Rumor

May 18, 2010 at 5:55 pm by Terez in Cleveland Cavaliers, Delonte West, Lebron James

My mom tends to get a little loose off the goose T

As we originally reported Friday we had received an email alleging an affair between Gloria James & Delonte West and welcomed any information that could substantiate the claim. It Appears the popular news outlet Examiner claims to have a source close to Lebron and in the Akron area. The Examiner goes on to say:  “Another source close to LeBron James claims to have had the superstar confide in him, saying that unlike Owens’ claim that sex between Delonte West and Gloria James went on for a couple of months, it really allegedly occurred once, either during or before the MVP party celebration wherein James was in attendance and the alcohol reportedly flowed. Reportedly, the Akron source said that LeBron James found out about the sex mid-way through the series, just as Terez Owens claims, and that it contributed to the poor game-playing performance.” We don’t know the truth of the Examiner’s Article but this still smells a little fishy. -TO

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