Boxing Legend Oscar De La Hoya Says He’ll Run For President (VIDEO)

September 12, 2018 at 9:27 am by Terez in Oscar De La Hoya

On Tuesday, Oscar De La Hoya told a group of reporters in Las Vegas, where he’s promoting Saturday’s middleweight rematch between Canelo & GGG, that he plans to launch an unexpected bid for the United States presidency in 2020. “That’s the beauty of our nation,” De La Hoya continued. “If Arnold (Schwarzenegger) can be governor, if (Donald) Trump can be President, then why can’t a Mexican-American who won an Olympic gold medal, who’s over 35 and a U.S. citizen, run for presidency?” De La Hoya stated that he begun considering politics “many years ago” and if he did decide to go through with it, he would run as a democrat. Two years ago, De La Hoya accused Trump of cheating in a game of golf and always wondered how a guy who cheated in a gentleman’s game could run an entire country. “As I got older, I get wiser and as I get wiser, I get smarter, and as I get smarter, I start to realize the millions and millions of people who’ve told me, ‘Oscar, why don’t you run for some kind of office? … . Because you can make a difference,’” De La Hoya said. Much like the current President – De La Hoya has no prior experience in politics. “If the numbers look right, I’m gonna go for it,” De La Hoya told TMZ. – TO