Bombshell Reveal! Caitlyn Jenner: Robert Kardashian Said ‘O.J. Did It’

April 11, 2017 at 8:49 am by Terez in Bruce Jenner, O.J. Simpson

Caitlyn Jenner’s bombshell new memoir blasts O.J. Simpson as a murderer, as she claims defense attorney Robert Kardashian confessed his client was guilty! Robert was close to the former Olympian back when he was Bruce Jenner and married to the lawyer’s ex-wife Kris Jenner. Reporters at landed a first-look at the shocking manuscript for Caitlyn’s upcoming book “Secrets Of My Life,” where the transgendered beauty reveals how Robert felt after Simpson was finally found guilty in a civil trial for the bloody death of Ron Goldman, telling Bruce: “I would’ve been okay with it if they had gotten him in the first trial!” “The implication,” writes Caitlyn in Radar’s big reveal, “was obvious that he believed O.J. was guilty.” she continues. Caitlyn also blasts O.J. as “the most narcissistic, egocentric, neediest a**hole in the world of sports I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot of them!” She isn’t shy about her own verdict about Simpson’s guilt, saying: “I believe he got away with two savage murders!” Other insiders agree with Caitlyn, telling The ENQUIRER that both Robert and Kris helped to cover up Simpson’s role in the savage murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. Caitlyn will do just or say just about anything to stay relevant.-TO