Bob Stoops Pretty Much Asked If Bowl Game Win Will Help People Forget About The Joe Mixon Video

January 1, 2017 at 8:52 am by Terez in College Football

Bob Stoops attended his Sugar Bowl press conference this morning.  He had to know going in that he would be answering questions about the Joe Mixon video.  I can guarantee he didn’t know just how stupid they could be.  Stoops was asked if a win would help the “vibe of the program” because of the vibe the release of the Mixon video created.  “Bob, because of the vibe created by the release of the video concerning Joe, does a win tomorrow night help change that? Does it make that more important to sort of feel good again, just surrounding the vibe of the program?”  In other words, “will a win make people forget about the video?”  Is this the type of questions they teach you to ask in journalism school?- TO