Bob Arum Says Pacquiao is Better Than Muhammad Ali

November 17, 2010 at 12:23 pm by Terez in Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali

No are the greatest of all time..

Muhammad Ali is simply known as the Greatest of all time…Now some are calling Manny Pacquiao the best ever..Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum weighs in.. “I look at Manny as being the best that I’ve ever seen, including Ali,” Arum told Reuters. “Ali was a great fighter and had great, great attributes and it’s really unfair to compare a big guy like Ali with a little guy like Pacquiao.”But when you look at the skill sets, Pacquiao is faster. Now you could say he is a little guy so he should be faster but Ali essentially had just the right hand. His left hand could jab and everything but it wasn’t power punching.” I would like to we’re talking about apple and oranges here..but we can’t deny Manny’s place in the pantheon of boxing..If he beats Mayweather, I will gladly grant him G.O.A.T. status. -TO

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