Blake Griffin: Sh*T L.A. People Say

November 9, 2017 at 10:53 am by Terez in Blake Griffin

You’re probably familiar with the meme based on all the stereotypical things people in LA say. Well, Blake Griffin did his own version and it’s down below. Blake just gets it.-TO

Here are some of the quotes in the meme.


I literally refuse to take the 5.


Silverlake is SO huge right now.


Ya I’m just really trying to stay away from gluten right now.


Kombucha on tap?  Yea that’s my sh*t.


Ya I’m freelance.  I guess I’m just in it for the art.


I’m thinking about starting a podcast actually. I just feel I have a lot to say.


Should I tweet this from my burner account?


Do you have almond milk? Rice milk? Coconut milk? Soy milk? You guys have to have hemp milk.


Yea I’ll venmo you.


Is it pronounced a-kai or a-sigh-ee?