Blake Griffin Ordered To Pay Baby Mama $258K A Month In Child Support

August 2, 2018 at 7:52 am by Terez in Blake Griffin

This comes to us via Radaronline. “Blake Griffin has to fork up $258,000 per month in support for his two young children with baby mama Brynn Cameron, according to court documents obtained exclusively by Griffin and Cameron have been embroiled in a nasty paternity case. and a separate civil suit where Cameron claimed the NBA star broke off their engagement shortly after he started dating Jenner, when he was still part of the Los Angeles Clippers.In court documents, Cameron claimed Griffin booted her and their two children, Ford, 5, and Finn, 2 from his $12 million Pacific Palisades mansion. In a January declaration, Cameron said she was “reduced to being homeless,” and only had $100 in her personal bank accountOpens a New Window.”Damn that’s a lot of cash, everyone trying to have a NBA baby after hearing that. By the way Cameron also has a kid with former USC quarterback Matt Leinart, she might be a Kardashian at heart.-TO